When uploading folder with multiple files please

ZIP, RAR or SIT your folder.

If you are uploading AI or InDesign files please be sure to include all fonts

and supporting graphics or the fonts should be outlined and all the images should be embedded.

When placing your order specify the following:

  • quantity
  • size
  • material
  • finishing
  • deadline
  • delivery address


  • Convert your file to high resolution PDF with crops and bleeds.
  • If using vector software (InDesign or Illustrator), embed or provide all images.
  • Outline or provide all fonts.


  • Try not to use fonts smaller than 7 pt. to avoid legibility issues.
  • All files with bleeds (print that goes to the edge of the page) must be created with a minimum 1/8” bleed (an extension of the image beyond the printed area).
  • Files with bleeds must also include crop marks (trim marks) that show where to trim.
  • Crop marks should be offset (never touch each other).
  • For printing saddle-stiched books or brochures use printer spreads or single pages. Make sure that number of pages is divisible by 4.
  • Avoid text and page numbers being too close to the edge.
  • If printing booklets with spiral binding allow at least 3/8" for the holes.

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